When A Door Closes!

Have you ever had a moment in your life when a door closed? Maybe a job, a relationship ended, or an opportunity. The door closes leaving you feeling disappointed, hurt, and trying to understand what happened. It’s in these moments it can be tough to have faith.

I have had plenty of doors close in my life. I remember one time I was so hurt, angry, frustrated, that I didn’t know what to do. Talk about being discouraged. I was feeling that times a thousand. When I look back at those moments, I remember one thing in particular….God never failed me! Any door that God closed in my life, he had something better on the horizon. During those times the tears in my eyes wouldn’t allow me to see it, but in reality, God was working. He was moving things around and working his magic, and he didn’t need my help to do it!

You see what God has for you is for you! He will close whatever door necessary to get you to where you are destined to be. It may be hard to understand why the door is being closed, but in reality, there may be something in it you can’t see that really isn’t right or meant to be.

I say this today because someone has had a door closed. Someone reading this may feel hopeless. Have you heard the saying rejection is God’s protection? When something is not for you it is just that simple….it’s not for you. So you can be sure that what God has for you cannot be stopped. It’s okay that the door closed. Let it close. When you are ready to wipe those tears, pray about it, and hold your head up. God has a door opening where you won’t have to even touch the doorknob. You will be able to just walk right in.

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