Confidence Over Fear

Fear is something else isn’t it?

I’m not talking about fear of spiders… that’s definitely one of mine. I’m not talking about fear of heights…yep that’s one of mine too. I’m talking about the fear that keeps you mentally stuck.

Fear is powerful. It will keep you from going after your dreams. It will keep you from moving forward. Fear will keep you from living. Some have fear of failure. What if I don’t succeed? Some have fear of not being accepted. What if I’m not good enough? We all have fears. It’s a natural human emotion. The problem is when you allow that fear to overtake you. What have you allowed fear to hold you back from? What dream or goal has fear stopped you from achieving?

There are many antonyms to the word fear, meaning opposite. One of those is confidence. I’ll say it again…confidence. According to, Confidence is “A feeling or consciousness of one’s powers or of reliance on one’s circumstances.”In other words you believe in the power inside of you! Unlike fear, confidence doesn’t keep you stuck. It motivates you to be better. It makes you believe in yourself. It is a necessary tool to have in your mental tool kit to be your best self.

So when you look at the difference between fear and confidence, ask yourself which one do you choose?

Will you allow fear to keep you back from achieving your dreams, goals, and happiness. The choice is yours!

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