Get Your Running Shoes On…Time to Run Your Race!

Our society has made it very easy to keep up with what others have and what they are doing.

This is especially true when it comes to social media. At the click of our fingertips, we are instantly connected to what others are doing. You have some that can’t go twenty-four hours without any social media. I bet if you asked would you rather go without food for a day or social media, a lot of people would probably choose food. I don’t even doubt that. I say all of this to make the point that it all adds to being distracted by what someone else is up to. It keeps us more focused on others, and less on our own selves.

The more we focus on other people and what they have, what they are doing, or where they are going, the less we are paying attention to following our own paths. Too often people are trying to outdo each other by what they see others doing. It becomes a competition. Then some feel less than because someone else’s life appears to be more appealing. Life isn’t a competition. You can’t compete when you are the only one running the race. A race where you are the only runner and God is at the finish line.

God has a path and plan for each and every one of us. An individual plan, not a group one. This ain’t Verizon. Your path is not going to be the same as the woman next to you and hers is not the same as yours. When we learn to stay in our own lanes, we will begin to realize that each of us has our own individualized journey. Don’t stress yourself trying to compete with someone else’s life, because you have your own. Seek God first in all you do, and run your race.

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